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Wallaroo, South Australia

In the neighbourhood:
Arthurton (38km), Bute (36km), Kadina (9km), Maitland (49km), Moonta (15km), Port Broughton (46km)

Pubs in Wallaroo, South Australia »

  • Anglers Inn Hotel Motel
    Anglers Inn Hotel Motel The hotel was established in 1861 as the Commercial Inn,...
  • Cornucopia Hotel
    Cornucopia Hotel This National Trust listed hotel was first licensed in 1862. The...
  • Prince Edward Hotel
    Prince Edward Hotel The Hotel opened as the Prince of Wales Hotel in 1864 and...
  • Wallaroo Hotel
    Hotel Wallaroo Opened in 1862 as the Ship Inn, Bay View in 1910 and Hotel Wallaroo...
  • Weeroona Hotel
    Weeroona Hotel Opened as the Globe Hotel in 1861 and was renamed the Weeroona...
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