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Timboon, Victoria


Photo 28/09/2008
Photo and information submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

Timboon has some great rail history, being the end of the old rail line opened in 1892 from Camperdown 34km from the north. Details of the trail can be found at:

The Curdies River which runs from high up in the north east of the area, filters its way down along the rail trail area, and over to Curdie Vale and ultimately to the sea at Peterborough. Nearby Timboon, there is a locality actually known as Curdies River as well as the river itself, and this is the spot where the historic Trestle Bridge still stands that last saw a train in the 1970s. Slip west out of town to the Curdies River Road and turn north past the Golf Course, and take the Limeworks Rd exit abut 5 kms up the road before you first cross the river, and you'll find the trestle bridge being restored. See it at Coordinates: -38.44594259128756, 142.95995950698853

Timboon is also recognised for its local cheese at the 'Mouse trap" at Timboon Farmhouse Cheese which is located about 8 kms south of the town along the Timboon-Peterborough Rd and turn off to 23 Fordandfells Rd ( Coordinates: -38.523928544734716, 142.97913193702698 ). Andy (5598 3387), the site manager for the owners, National Foods, welcomes visitors to the area to taste the great selection.

Timboon has all the facilities needed for a traveller to the area, supermarket, hotel and even a Distillery! So plenty to see for Pub Trail explorers here.

In the neighbourhood:
Allansford (36km), Camperdown (32km), Cobden (19km), Curdie Vale (14km), Darlington (54km), Garvoc (25km), Johanna (46km), Lavers Hill (42km), Mortlake (47km), Panmure (28km), Peterborough (16km), Pirron Yallock (42km), Port Campbell (15km), Princetown (28km), Purnim (39km), Terang (28km), Wattle Hill (37km)

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