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Peterborough, South Australia

Car in Peterborough Railway Museum

Photo: Gary Pope, August 2007

Known as Petersburg until 1918. The great steam era has been preserved at Steamtown which is situated in the original railway workshops at the western end of the town.

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Peterborough, Victoria

Peterborough Foreshore

Photo 28/09/2008
Photos and information submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

The foreshore area of Peterborough provides a mixture of shallow but fearsome boating entry to the Curdies Inlet through notoriously dangerous hidden crags and rock outcrops that lay both close and out to sea, many hidden by the changing tide. Monuments on the foreshore carpark well display the many sad stories of wrecked ships that came to their fate at this very spot.

Amongst them, The Schomberg, The Newfield and The Young Australian all came to their end on this stretch of ocean shoreline.

Today, the area is home to a fine golf course and club house, and of course the local watering hole down by the bridge on the main highway: The Schomberg Inn Hotel.

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