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Menzies, Western Australia

Menzies is a small mining town located along the Goldfields Highway between Kalgoorlie and Leonora.

It is believed that the town was named after a Canadian gold prospector (Leslie Robert Menzies) who, in 1894, found gold in the area and started the rush which resulted in the creation of the town.

In 2003 the Perth International Arts Festival commissioned the internationally acclaimed English sculptor and artist Antony Gormley, to travel to Menzies and to create a unique artistic work in Lake Ballard.
He convinced some local people (and a few passers by) to strip naked, he then digitally scanned their bodies, reduced the images by 66 per cent, made sand moulds and cast them in stainless steel alloy.
The result was 51 cast stainless steel figures - most representing people who lived in Menzies - which he placed on the Lake Ballard saltpan which lies to the north of the town.