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Lascelles, Victoria

Lascelles is a located about 113km from Swan Hilll
The 2006 census the stated that Lascelles had a population of 114.

The town was originally was established as a station on the Mildura railway line and was named after Edward Harewood Lascelles, owner of the Minapre grazing property in the area and a partner of wool-brokers Dennys-Lascelles.
The Post Office opened in 1903 when the railway arrived.

In 1917, after an abnormally warm winter, the mice population of Lascelles was so large that the mice filled every square inch of ground. More than 1,500 tons mice - it is estimated that there were over a hundred million - were slain before the outbreak was finally tamed.

In the neighbourhood:
Berriwillock (38km), Patchewollock (43km), Sea Lake (27km)