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Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Huge bucket from a dragline rig

Photo August 2007
Photos and information submitted by Gary Pope, Many Thanks

To many visitors Kalgoorlie and surrounds are the real Australia.

Gary Pope

Kalgoorlie best known for the Super Pit and its mining activities and history is host to a huge number of pubs! Together with its sister town: Bolder, the joint township's origins would not have existed had it not been for another engineering marvel in the way of a water line all the way from just out of Perth. First built by wood and then two other's since, this town's water source from that pipeline is only barely outstripped by its sheer number of pubs in the town as the modern day watering holes.
PS: Everything is BIG in this town - the pit, the trucks, the cost of the equipment and the beer thirst!

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In the neighbourhood:
Boulder (4km), Broad Arrow (37km), Coolgardie (37km), Kambalda (54km)

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