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Invercargill local newspapers

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Invercargill, New Zealand South Island

In the neighbourhood:
Bluff (21km), Flints Bush (23km)

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  • Bella Vista Motel Invercargill
    Invercargill motel accommodation information brought to you by the Bellavista Motel....
  • Burtonwood Bed & Breakfast
    Let our delightful Edwardian home (circa 1903) become your home-away-from-home next...
  • Beds on Alice
    Beds On Alice is easily found on the main road into Invercargill from Queenstown....
  • Monarch Motel
    Are you looking for accommodation in Invercargill? We can provide you with a range...
  • Birchwood Manor
    Central City Motel Apartment Accommodation Invercargill... Exceptional inner city...
  • Lovett Lodge B & B
    Warren & Diane take pleasure in providing a warm and comfortable environment for...
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