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Invercargill, New Zealand South Island

In the neighbourhood:
Bluff (21km), Flints Bush (23km)

Motels in Invercargill, New Zealand South Island »

  • Evergreen Motel
    Evergreen Motel is situated on the Southern Scenic route from Queenstown and Te Anau...
  • The Little Church Retreat
    The Little Church Retreat is located at Flints Bush, which is approximately 30km...
  • 388 Tay Motel
    Invercargill's newest motel complex - open July 2006, luxuriously appointed, spacious...
  • Timber Tops Motor Park and Camping Ground
    This is a new camp, well laid out with mature trees and 28 power and tent sites....
  • Ashlar Motel
    A quiet, cosy nine-unit motel, Ashlar provides comfortable, affordable and peaceful...
  • Monarch Motel
    Are you looking for accommodation in Invercargill? We can provide you with a range...
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