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Bridgetown, Western Australia

Located 2.5 hours drive from Perth

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In the neighbourhood:
Balingup (24km), Kirup (36km), Manjimup (32km), Mumballup (48km), Nannup (36km), Pemberton (55km)

Motels in Bridgetown, Western Australia »

  • Jobry Country Retreat
    Located in Bridgetown's Kangaroo Gully just 5 kilometres from the Town Centre the...
  • Shambhala Guest House
    Shambhala Guesthouse in Bridgetown is one of the highest accommodation places in...
  • Sunnyhurst Chalets
    Nestled among and overlooking the hills of Bridgetown. Situated only two and a half...
  • Windy Hollow
    Hosts Jim & Pam Taylor Invite & welcome you to reelax & enjoy tranquility & peace...
  • Redtail Cottages
    Nestled alongside a Conservation Park, Rob & Caroline purchased their 30 acre property...
  • Hillcrest Rise Cottage
    Hillcrest Rise Cottage is a very comfortable 2 bedroom self contained cottage set...
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